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Vitamin B3 – Niacin Food Grade

Published:2017-05-25 17:04:58


Vitamin B3 – Niacin Food Grade


Molecular Formula: C6H5NO2

Appearance/Solubility: white crystalline granules, free flowing, sparingly soluble. It is seldom affected by acids bases, oxygen, heavy metal ions, light and heat.

Moledcular Weight: M=123.11

Chemical Structure:




It is used in dietary supplementation and also used to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Today, many types of food (rice, cereals, milk, etc.) are enriched with vitamins. Many breakfast drinks, soft and sport drinks contain a cocktail of vitamins. Niacin(Vitamin B3) is included in these formulations to cover approximately one third to one half of the daily requirement. Dietetic food include infant formulas, slimming diets, special foods for athletes, medical feeding ingredients (enteral nutrition products). In general, foods for special dietetic use are fortified with all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to prevent deficiencies. This product is very stable as a pure substance, in vitamin premixes and in processes such as baking. Niacin(Vitamin B3) is an essential vitamin needed for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.



  • Assay >=99.5%

Package & Storage

  • Net weight: 20kg/carton with inner polyethylene bag (50 cartons palletized)  Storage: store in cool, dry and dark places.
  • Shelf life: 36 months. Once the original cartons and bags have been opened, please use the goods withing a short period


NOTE *Custom manufacturing of different particle size ranging from fine mesh powder to coarse granular form